Getting Here

There are two ways to get to Ilgaz in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).


Ercan Airport is the only airport in the TRNC. Northern Cyprus is predominantly Turkish speaking and the currency is the Turkish Lira. Flights to Ercan airport (sometimes called Lefkosa or Nicosia Airport) have to land in Turkey wherever you are flying from and you will need to change planes. The drive from Ercan airport to Ilgaz is approximately 50 minutes. We can arrange for a taxi to collect you from Ercan or for a hire car to be provided for you at the airport and email you detailed directions.



Larnaca Airport is in South Cyprus. Flights from UK to Larnaca are direct. The drive from the airport to Ilgaz is approximately 75 minutes. PLEASE NOTE There is a border crossing between South and North Cyprus. If you have a UK / EU passport then the border crossing is straightforward. We can arrange for a taxi transfer to collect you from Larnaca airport and bring you straight to Ilgaz. At the border the driver will show your passports to the officials while you sit in the taxi for a few minutes. You can hire a car from Larnaca airport and drive yourselves however many car hire companies in the Greek side (the South) will not allow you to bring their car across the border. Your insurance from the car hire company becomes null and void when you cross the border where you will be required to purchase insurance to cover you whilst you are in TRNC. We would suggest that the most relaxing way to arrive is for a taxi to collect you at the airport and bring you to the villa. The car hire company will bring your hire car to the villa and do the paperwork with you at the villa. We can arrange your transfers and car hire. South Cyprus is predominantly Greek speaking and the currency is the Euro. You might therefore wante to brong some Euros with you to spend at the airport.